Little Less QQonversation

I have noticed two things: Firstly that my blogs have been developing a kind of moaning quality and secondly that I don't think I ever get to play WoW at the moment.

Now the QQ is under my control and I can just stop doing it. The other turns out to be somewhat illusory. I suppose its a symptom of not being able to play as much as I would like. Nor, in fact, as Katyana would like; her schedule is pretty extreme too.

Digging through my screenshots, though, reveals that we have covered quite a bit of ground. Not the kind of speed that would, say, get us up to 60 in the recruit-a-friend period but that's not really what we're after. Personally I am perfectly happy to wallow around in Old World content as long as it lasts and Katyana would rather follow me than have to read the map (ooh snap)

Our main goal has been the Mage Quests for an uber wand from Tabetha of the swamp. It's clearly designed to get you travelling and it's done just that. Got some pretty mad hats along the way. We've been all over and we're nearly there. Just a book of some sort... should be simple enough.

Funnily enough, the only thing I could remember us doing for sure is the thing I haven't got pictures of. Fortunately (sort of) we will have to return to the Scarlet Monastery in a level or two.

We were more or less up to the Library as a challenge it's just a little slower with two. Turns out the refresh rate in there is a killer. I had been merrily telling Katyana that they won't be back unless we leave and come back tomorrow. Totally erroneous. I have since taken the trouble to look this up and discovered that it's usually two hours but that SM is particularly fast.

We had to give up after the 3rd time around nuking our way through the same damn monks. The other thing that's much harder with two is rejoining each other if one of you dies and the bastards have respawned in between you.

Anyway it was fun and we got good at what we were doing but we need either more pew pew or a helping hand.

Also amongst all this I've managed to keep up my daily (almost; missed a couple) so my Venomhide is growing up big and strong. Should get that by the weekend. Hooray.


Anonymous said...

I think you're right in not rushing it. One of my best experiences in WoW is leveling up for the first time when everything is new and fresh. It's an experience you'll never get back, so enjoy it while it lasts. :P

MomentEye said...

Yeah... gotta get done before the Cataclysm comes though.

If I time it just right it might seem like real time for me.

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