Put Your Shoulder Into It

I have to admit that I'd been a bit underwhelmed by the clothing and how it affects appearance. There's was a little bit of colour there but when I wear a cape I want flapping.

I guess this could easily be a low level thing. After all if you can be awesome at Lvl 18 then there isn't much bandwidth left for 80.

Even so, a cape is a cape and neither of my characters can even wear helmets so the shoulder pad thing is quite an excitement for me.
It's very 2000AD to have so much culture revolve around shoulder pads but let me emphasize that in no way is that a bad thing. There's even a blog that identifies as Banana Shoulders.

So both of my toons now have shoulders that stick out and in Grexel's case clash horribly with her outfit. Paronymous found both sets but mailed them to her in-game.
Technically I think this is called twinking as he is a higher level than her but down here in the Noob-pits I don't think it really matters.

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Got One!

This is Fredricko and his minion Jhomnagma.

Clearly Fredricko had more choice in the matter. He's an undead warlock of around 18th level.
They were good enough to sit still for a portrait when I found them this morning in the Barrens.

One down 129-ish to go.

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Undercity Noir

I keep my hipflask on my toolbar and my shadow wand loaded.
Now if only there was a way I could make my Mage alt smoke.

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Holiday Inn

Here's another trick.
I can take multiple shots and stitch them together into a panorama.

This is Sunrock Retreat from the cliffs above. It sounds like a holiday resort but it's crawling with spiders.

I've joined a guild. It's actually my second guild but the first one just spam invited everybody and never seemed to have any members. Now I am a Seraphim in The Angels of Darkness.
I haven't had much interaction with them but the original invite was very friendly and the raisin d'etre is for leveling and new players so it fits me fine.

I want to try to find my guildies and take pictures of them.

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This game has lots of skill trees to explore.
One of them is WoW/Life balance.
Maybe I could quit my job...

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LOL Cats

My Druid has been through a lot of new things.
(I'll get back to my first Battleground experience later)
Getting to level twenty, though, was pretty damn cool. When I turn into a Lion I'm faster and I can sneak. Kind of like limited invisibility.

I was running around in the Undead areas for a bit and I haven't finished up there but that is where my Mage is and it felt a bit weird. Not cheating exactly. More like stalking.
So anyway I've come back to Tauren world and I'm trying to rid the StoneTalon Mountains of nasty logging corporations.

Apparently we don't mind if the Orcs do it. Hmph.

Oh yeah and I was so busy being a LOL Druid that I forgot to try out my awesome new spell.

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Don't step off the path

And another thing I think that the game designers have done masterfully: Pacing.
I get the feeling that this may be lost or forgotten on the long time players. Maybe they get it on the new content but they don't talk about it on The Instance.

I'm in the position of a new creature in an enormous world.
Every time I start to get comfortable there's a whole new layer. Just when I think I'm a badass I get sent on a mission to somewhere new.
And off the road everything is big. Everything is dangerous.
It was a clever trick. I wasn't in any danger. I just had to stay on the path and go from A to B.
But there were demons and monsters and Elder Gods for chrissakes.

Oh and would I stay on the path?
Would I buggery.

I ended up in this cemetary a few times.

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Fake World Fakery

So here I've doctored my screenshot a bit in photoshop.
Is that wrong?
Is it insane?

All I've really done is layer in some increasing focal length to give the image more depth.
(And to pop my druid off the background a bit more)
But really. Video game photoshopping? I'll be writing fan-fic next.

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Conflict of Interests

There are obvious reasons why World of Warcraft blogs don't get updated. The more reportable things become in-game the less I want to come out of game and blog about it instead.
Another issue is that with my photo taking mission it is very easy to get backlogged. The WoW is filled with detail and I'm getting more and more good shots that I want to share but it also makes me want to dive back in and play. I think I might start putting up a picture a day and not worry so much about text.
That said I still want to record my experiences and the transition from ordinary human to someone who understands all the acronyms on the chat is still valid. Maybe once a week or something. The madness grips me.

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Wet Paladin Action

I met my first member of the Alliance.
She was really little.

It was kind of weird.
I was on a quest in The Barrens which is completely Horde territory and she was just kind of standing up to her neck in water.
I wasn't sure if I was supposed to attack, or alert the local defense, or what. So I asked if I could take her picture. (Forgetting that the enemy doesn't speak our language so there would only have been gibberish getting through)

No response.
I got the impression that the player was away from the keyboard.
Or was it some sort of concealed sneak attack strategy?
Maybe this would be an easy kill. Or maybe it was a trap (her level marker was ?? which roughly translates to 'you don't wanna know'

So in the end I just took the photo.
I found a great repository of WoW noob stuff... WoW Insider
Maybe I'll ask them.

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