I'm Flying!

Okay, so I totally noobed it.

I had been fiddling around trying to tidy up some quest chains before I headed off into Outland. Having bought Burning Crusade a fortnight ago that's a little sad but I do now have the Boomerang of Nintendo and I've done some obligatory smiting of the Plaguelands.

I also started a Dranei Priest (called GawdBovver) so I felt like I was getting my money's worth and Katyana and will still only be in Vanilla for a little while yet.

My guild leader was gently needling me to get out there though. So I wrapped up some Plaguery, deleted some quests from Sithilis and hopped in the Portal from the Undercity.

Then I proudly announced in Guild Chat that I had 'made it!'

The attentive will spot my deliberate error. I was in Silvermoon City. Which was awesome and I hadn't been there before and you couldn't use the Portal until you bought BC so this *must* be Outland, right?


Alekto (the GM) kindly zipped in and showed me the *other* portal and escorted me through the other-other portal.

Alekto: Can you see the Portal now now?
Me: Is it behind the enormous glowing green thing?

And holy mother of jehosephat, it's AWESOME.
I had, like, half a level to go before I was 60 but by the time I'd done all the meet'n'greet quests I only needed to sideswipe a Bloodletter Orc and I was golden.

All the talk of better gear was true as well. No more prevaricating over whether to wear that hat that's good for spells or the helmet that's good for keeping your head it one piece. Go with the awesome spellcasting helmet of doom. Obviously.

And as advertised, I can fly. I honestly couldn't have imagined what a game changer this is. I finally understand why people complain about leveling. Being mounted is one thing but once you've swooped into a quest and swooped out again there's no going back.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the first time you go through the Dark Portal is fantastic. Unforgettable. It's one of my favourite, jaw-dropping, "not in kansas anymore" WoW memories. Although the image of you appearing in the streets of Silvermoon and being all "hang on a second, I thought there was a demon war going on here" is, uh, kind of hilarious actually :)

But grats on finally breaching the dark portal - Outland is really exciting. Time to assemble your clown suit!

MomentEye said...

I thought Silvermoon was a clever contrast thing by Blizzard. Like Berlin before WW2 which was also done mostly for effect.

Anonymous said...

Does one have to be a lvl 60 to fly? I'm a 36 Orc Hunter. Any advice?

MomentEye said...

You have a little way to go, young Orc.
Flying is Lvl60 (and you can only do it in Outland)

But a Lvl40 you will be able to get a much faster ground mount.

My advice: You will need a little under 300gold so it's worth figuring out your cash flow now.

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