Just when I thought I was alt...

...they pull me back in.

Seriously. I was sure I had the alt thing under control. I had a plan. I had a set. There was no need for anything else.

Mumphred – to play with Katyana (wife/alliance)
Paronymous - theoretical main
Grexel - skillz to pay the billz.
Xorroshow – learning to tank
Gawdbovver – learing to heal
Santsuen – learning the dungeons so that I don't make too much of a tit of myself as Xorroshow and Gawdbovver
Bampot – to play with Berrius (wife/horde.)

I'd also kinda stopped blogging. Which is exactly like stopping except you occasionally spend a wistful moment wondering how to start up again.

Well it turns out this is how:
Tamarind started a blog community guild. I'm a fairly long time reader and fan but unfortunately I can't get to the EU Servers. Fortunately there is a US/Oceanic chapter started by Ms Medicina.

So last night I popped out a brand new Gnome warrior; Theosaurus.
And it was great fun.

Lots of people already. Lots of dings. Lots of OMFG I can't believe I have no money/bags/spells/idea-where-alliance-stuff-is.

And, of course, now I have a huge list of new blogs to check out. I may never get anything done again.
But, you know, in a good way.


Snottydin said...

Your puns are welcome here.

**the fact I can only leave comments on your blog as Snottydin, less so :P**

MomentEye said...

That's weird.
I'm sure you were somebody else before.

Maybe Google can analyze your snottiness index

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing Theo around in the Guild!

Anonymous said...

Woot! We'll bother you relentlessly on AD guild chat to further your long, unstoppable slide back to blogging :)

Anonymous said...

"theoretical main"—I like that. I have one of those, too: My Human priest, who has raided as a healer 99.99 percent of the time (occasionally being permitted to wield pew pew lasers for a single fight). Except I want to go back to DPS: My first two characters are a hunter and a rogue, and I'm currently leveling an enhancement shammy that I'd like to try to raid with in Catclysm.

I'll probably be healing. :(

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