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Back when Grexel was, say L11, she was trundling around the windmills in Tirisfall Glades. Early days on a mage are quite hard going but she was doing okay. Standing outside the Zombie Family crypt that needed clearing I was debating whether it was possible.

Standing nearby and displaying the same sort of hesitation was a similarly leveled undead priestess. Her name was Aglaia. We agreed to join forces and I had to invite her into a group because she was on a trial account. First time I'd done that.

Fast-forward to Paronymous in the Boulder Lode mines in the Southern Barrens. I had to go AFK for a bit and when I came back I'd been buffed. Back in the fray was the same Undead Priestess. I didn't remember the name straight away but by the time we'd been through a couple of the Dwarf-slaying, helicopter 'sploding quests I was pretty sure. She remembered me as well. (I say 'she'; I have no idea what gender her player is)

Most recently I decided to clear up some old quests so I was in the Auction House shopping for Trollsblood. Guess who was selling it?

By now Aglaia was progressing far faster than me. Up in the mid-sixties (I dinged 47 for Paronymous on the weekend) Not only that but she's started a guild. Bloody over-achievers.
Not that I mind because I got a very polite inquiry as to why I had 'chosen' not to join a guild. Long story short I am now a member of Viridian. Yay.

Better still three of us banded together on the weekend to knock off some of the Midsummer Festival Quests. It was light-hearted and chatty. Nothing we did was much of a threat but the whole guild is new so I reckon any interaction is healthy.

Here's our group photo (That's me on the left):


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