Wet Paladin Action

I met my first member of the Alliance.
She was really little.

It was kind of weird.
I was on a quest in The Barrens which is completely Horde territory and she was just kind of standing up to her neck in water.
I wasn't sure if I was supposed to attack, or alert the local defense, or what. So I asked if I could take her picture. (Forgetting that the enemy doesn't speak our language so there would only have been gibberish getting through)

No response.
I got the impression that the player was away from the keyboard.
Or was it some sort of concealed sneak attack strategy?
Maybe this would be an easy kill. Or maybe it was a trap (her level marker was ?? which roughly translates to 'you don't wanna know'

So in the end I just took the photo.
I found a great repository of WoW noob stuff... WoW Insider
Maybe I'll ask them.


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