Put Your Shoulder Into It

I have to admit that I'd been a bit underwhelmed by the clothing and how it affects appearance. There's was a little bit of colour there but when I wear a cape I want flapping.

I guess this could easily be a low level thing. After all if you can be awesome at Lvl 18 then there isn't much bandwidth left for 80.

Even so, a cape is a cape and neither of my characters can even wear helmets so the shoulder pad thing is quite an excitement for me.
It's very 2000AD to have so much culture revolve around shoulder pads but let me emphasize that in no way is that a bad thing. There's even a blog that identifies as Banana Shoulders.

So both of my toons now have shoulders that stick out and in Grexel's case clash horribly with her outfit. Paronymous found both sets but mailed them to her in-game.
Technically I think this is called twinking as he is a higher level than her but down here in the Noob-pits I don't think it really matters.


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