Celebration Time

My evil plan is working. Mrs Noob is now back online and playing. The Zhevra will soon be mine.

The issues she was having with the game (as previously documented) have been solved.
Basically it's a hardware solution so that she can sit farther away from the screen. She's wired into the TV on one laptop and I sit at 90 degrees to her playing on the coffee table.

She's mostly past another barrier to entry which is the “It's just killing things over and over” issue as well. Now that she's signed up for a monthly account we really needed to get professions underway. It's an unexpected consequence of the Recruit-a-Friend programme that our levels are far outstripping our financial ability to pay for spell training.

One of the things that makes WoW so addictive, I believe is that there is always something new to do. Katyana is now a Tailor and an Enchanter which has her in a constant state of gathering/crafting. She got very excited when she earned her first gold piece and then morose when her upgrades cost her most of it. I shudder to think what will happen when she discovers the Auction House. (I mentioned it to her as a better place to sell 'greenies'. She said “It's not real people though, right?”)

For my part I am rendered noobish all over again.

I have no idea how to play a Paladin and we're rocking through the levels so fast it's hard to work out how my spells fit together. Not only that but I realise that all my geography is useless; just when I was getting comfortable. Where the hell are the Alliance Zeppelins?

Which is cool because I'm getting that New Azeroth Smell all over again with a little bit of knowledge on top.

Mostly I'm in a paranoid frenzy trying to make sure her game experience isn't frustrating. On the other hand she's learning about spell rotation and when she got her wand working she went on a killing spree that would make Charles Manson blush.

Soon we will have to make up house rules to prevent over-playing.


Anonymous said...

Hurrah - I'm glad you here you managed to solve the issue. Playing with friends/loved ones is a much better to experience the game; I've entirely the lost habit of questing alone.

M'Pocket Tank and I were on the recruit-a-friend experience boost for a while and we found it quite disorientating. Dashing up levels that quickly makes it really difficult to get to grips with the intricacies of your class and, yes, as you say, there's a serious cash flow problem.

MomentEye said...

Thanks, it really is great fun.

I'm a bit worried that some of my alts will fall fallow but it's well worth it.

Anonymous said...

Alliance zeppelins happen to be boats. :P

I'm glad to hear your wife is back in the game! (Literally and figuratively.) Looking forward to hearing more of both your adventures,

Fogge said...

As an avid WoW:er more fascinated with social/game mechanics aspect than farming/grinding, I really enjoy reading your blog. I recently recruited a noob and started blogging about him on http://theechoisles.blogspot.com/ - posts labeled "noob". Maybe you can be friends? ;)

MomentEye said...

@winterlime - Now you tell us ;-) Took ages to find the train, too. And then she fell on the tracks and nearly fainted trying to get out.

@Fogge - Looks like your noob is moving at speed. You should get him hooked on alts so I don't look bad.

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