The Family That Slays Together...

I originally started this blog so that I could observe myself changing and my play style developing. Playing with Katyana gives me twice as much to watch. As Mr Spock once said “Fascinating”.

One of the obvious things is her commitment to play. From me begging and pleading and doing the dishes to her deciding that it is too early to sleep and that we should play until 3am. Then more the next day. Twice. I told her it would be easier if we got 'downstairs mouses' and another keyboard so we could leave everything set up. She said she was thinking of that already. She's totally a keeper.

In RL my wife is closely involved in animal welfare and she has a general aversion to 'killing things over and over again'. She was like this with Civilisation, too. It only takes a couple of unprovoked attacks and then the gloves come off. Now if we spend too much time crafting in a city she wants to go out and slay some stuff.

She's also getting into the idea of spell rotation. As opposed to trying to figure out the 'best' spell and spamming that. In fact she's quite stingy with her mana. A great big firebolt at the beginning and then it's all about the wand. Unless we get swamped in which case the blizzard comes down.

There's also a level of increasing confidence. I noted for myself the satisfaction of Stranglethorn Vale; going from scuttlig prey to striding predator. When Katyana first saw a raptor she freaked out. Jurrassic park has a lot to answer for. However, by end of play on Sunday she announced that she was sick of killing raptors and hoped that we would never have to go back to the Excavation Site in the Wetlands ever again.

Then, of course, we had to kill Sarltooth to get the recipe for all the eggs we had collected.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I can't wait til you hit Ungoro :)

Maybe the thrill will come back the first time she gets crushed by a devilsaur...

Anonymous said...


*twitch* *twitch*

Who could have thought that things so big could be so accursedly sneaky? I still go back at 80 to ride around the zone and brutally crush any devilsaurs that cross my path. People questing in the area, without fail, applaud, come to skin the dead beasts, and offer up information as to where the other devilsaurs are roaming.

MomentEye said...

What's a Devilsaur?

Is it a cake? I bet it's a cake 8-D

Oh boy.

Laurence James Lucas said...

Katyana sounds like a Pholus woman.(in fact I know she is)
Pholus being one of the new planets, discovered in 1992 and embodying virtual reality.
Pholus representing the new consciousness of being able to pick up new virtual identities far removed from our everyday persona

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