There are so many things that people take for granted. Really obvious things. The stuff that just doesn't need to be written down or talked about or, you know, told to noobs. Things like shift-right-clicking to autoloot have absolutely saved the game for me.

I am now officially completely in love with the banks. Not a popular thing to say in RL but I'm pretty sure the WoW banks are adding more value than they are deriving.

But sweet merciful running jumping jehosephat I wish I'd known about them sooner.

“Greed is good,
Greed works”
—Gordlon Gevko

Case in point being my Druid's leather-working skill. He's a skinner as well so the leather has been coming in thick and fast. Or, in fact, thick and rugged. Which would be great if I could do anything with it.

The problem began when I was working of medium leather stuff. I kept getting heavy leather and it was clogging up my bags. Obviously the correct response should have been to squirrel it away until I could use it. Instead I put my pants on my head, dribbled on myself and then sold them to vendors (to VENDORS!)(Look forward to my Auction House post coming soon. /faceslap)

This inevitably has left me with my profession out of sync with my questing. Currently I can just about get experience for the beasts that give me the right leather but they aren't the things I should be doing for Quest progress.

Any minute now though, I'm going to break LW 200 and all the Thick Leather in my bank will explode into a leather orgy of advancement. Or something.

Actually I just wanted to write “Warcraft Leather Orgy” in the hope that it would improve my traffic. I am such a whore.


Anonymous said...

"Leather Orgy of Advancement" is mind boggling :) I think something in the line of blood elf naked babes will really hit the google stats. Just guessing.

Anonymous said...

Leaving aside the disappointing lack of Warcraft Leather Orgy (dammit, why do you think I read this blog?) - why is there a *dinosaur* in that bank?! They have a really no nonsense to attitude to security, huh?

Also, for what it's worth, I wouldn't worry about not engaging with certain aspects of the game in the early days - with my first character, I barely did anything except level. I tend to see WoW as a series of nested mini-games (the levelling game, the trade skill game, the instancing game, the AH game) which you can pick up at any time, as soon as you get interested enough to try. I went for ages without even looking at the AH and then one day I woke up and thought "y'know, I would like a disposal income stream." :)

MomentEye said...

@typhoonandrew - thank you for adding the words 'blood elf naked babes' to this post. Would you like to buy any leather viagra?

@inmysissyrobe - The dinosaur is still there because it is too big to fail :P

Anonymous said...

It took me three characters to realize that the bank even existed, and at the time I was leveling herbalism and alchemy with eight-slot bags. Those were fun times. XD

There's also an option you can check off to always autoloot on everything - if you have that option checked off, I believe it's two right-clicks to just open the loot window without looting, should you ever so desire.

Dawn said...

Yes. Open the interface window. There are a bunch of things you can adjust if you have never looked in there before--including autoloot, auto self-cast, auto assist on attack, and equipment manager that make like easier. You can also turn off the tutorial hints if you you are tired of them.

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