Our First Instance

The whole point of coercing, conniving and a eventually addicting my lovely wife to the monster that is WoW was so that we could run Instances. It's all very well jojavascript:void(0)ining forces with a random stranger who happens to be slaughtering in the same direction as you are for an hour or so but I really don't have the schedule or game time to get raids working. And, of course, I've wandered into some of the earlier Horde Dungeons at higher levels but it just isn't the same.

So we downed Van Cleef! Woot!

Hands up who can remember their first completed Instance. I bet you can. Can you remember how long ago it was that clearing The Deadmines was a big fat hairy deal? I'm talking to you, Future Self.

It took about three separate attempts on different days. The first hardly counts because it was as much about finding our way to the start of the Instance as anything else. Running out of time is a regular feature of our sessions.

Second attempt was heaps of fun but really quite tragic in it's noobishness. We crept from miner to miner. Freaked out at Overseers. Then wiped four or five times on the Ogre that's the first mini-boss. Killed him. Killed him to bits. Then had to go and have a little lie down.

Obviously it would be far too boring to start all over again the next day so we went to off and did some other stuff then came back a few levels later. (C'mon baby, you need lots of cloth for tailoring. We can get rich in The Dead Mines)

Easy-peasy. We romped through. It's probably important to note that even though our levels are moving up slowly our RL experience is increasing as well. I'm learning to tank/heal and Katyana is learning to run away from the disinterested mobs. Most importantly we are learning to operate as a team who understand each others behaviour and requirements.

We romped through the goblins. Having to blast the door in with a canon was awesome and then there was a friggin' pirate ship down there. It's like being in The Goonies.
We got jumped by the Tauren first mate, as so many before us must have done, but we could handle it.

The only one who gave us any trouble was Van Cleef, himself. We wiped the first time because his summoned friends latched on to Katyana and I couldn't get them off. Second time we killed him hut had to corpse run back for his head due to mana shortage.

Job done though. Very nice.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Instancing is, and should feel like, a big deal. I hope you manage to meet some WoW friends because it's even better with 3-4 (or 5). I love Deadmines - for a Hordie, a large part of the challenge is getting there. Hehe. Chaotic, hysterical runs through Westfall.

The other thing I really enjoying about instancing is the fact it really does build relationships. I know that probably sounds like a crazy thing to say but having done an awful lot of instancing with M'Pocket Tank, our real life teamwork and communication is actually massively massively improved.

undergrad RN said...

"I'm talking to you, Future Self."

Ironically, or perhaps not, there are some quests in Northrend that have you partnering with yourself in the future :)

MomentEye said...

@inmysissyrobe - Thanks. You and M'Pocket Tank (Y'Pocket Tank?) are quite inspiring in your attitude and approach. It makes me less worried now that this is becoming a major hobby for us.

@undergrad RN - my current self is imagining my future self meeting his future self and being reminded of my present in his past. One of us is definitely developing a headache.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. The Deadmines is a truly awesome place although I still get lost trying to find the instance portal.

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