Patch 3.2 and the Joy of Bigness

This was going to be a post about our successful completion of our first ever Raid. We did complete the Raid and it was successful but I really can't let the moment pass without shouting to the heavens: I LOVE THE NEW QUEST SCREEN.

Patch 3.2 went live last night, as most anyone Warcrafty will know. There are changes that don't have any effect on planet noob, and there are things like cheaper earlier mounts which will. And I had heard mention of some redesign o the quest screen but the description was kind of hard to envisage beyond... it will be better.

So I logged in this morning (just to see if the patch worked, you understand: playing WoW before work would be ridiculously foolish)(Unless you're just checking your auctions, that's not so bad)(Or you want to fly somewhere next time you play and that might just as well happen while you're in the shower; that's just good planning)(Don't do it, kids: you know it's wrong)

Anyway I'd forgotten about the Quest screen changes and I really just turned it on to see where Grexel should be next and POW!

A bigger, better altogether more visible screen with everything I need to see right there in front of me. Awesome. A joy to behold.

I could point out that it is the very specific joy that comes when you stop hitting yourself on the head with a hammer. It is only with the new screen that I realise just how cramped and uncomfortable the old screen was. I could point that out but I wont because that would be churlish.


Anonymous said...

I am really glad to hear about the new quest screen, because it means I can disable a lot of irritating, annoying add-ons. Patch still hasn't hit here yet. *twitch*

MomentEye said...

*twitch* that's funny I'm getting a bit of *twitch* that as well *twitch*

I think they're using my non-personal data to arm the murlocks *twitch*

Fogge said...

3.2 brought a lot of interface changes that are inspired or straight copies from addons. And that's really great, cause Blizzard can focus on designing the game, and the community designs the addons, and then Blizzard can implement things people actually want in the UI instead of shooting in the dark. :)

MomentEye said...

Yes sometimes it seems like Blizzard is playing their own, very complicated MMORPG where they mess with the minds of a huge number of players.

Enlisting them to develop the engines of their own demise is classic evil genius

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