Withdrawl Method

An unbearable confluence of circumstance is upon us. Schedules have shifted. Time is scarce. Strangers are at the door and they hunger.

Which is to say it's got a bit busy and we have visitors staying with us. Which leads, as inexorably as rot follows damp, to a Warcraft famine.

For the first couple of days it was kind of normal. It's easy enough to log in for ten minutes an check my auctions. Now they've all paid off or expired and I want go to Un'Goro Crater.

“As Thrall is my witness
I'll never be offline again”
—Scarlett Un'Goro
I've found myself wondering if I could stay late at work and sneak a quick hour in there. It's a level of deception usually associated with having an affair. That, of course, is just for my horde characters. I know that Katyana is hanging out for more as well. (Turns out she rolled a new Paladin last night before the rest of us got home) (Harlot!)

I guess it's good to get this kind of a heads up now, in the early stages of dependency. That way we can choose whether to either get reins on this addiction or go the functional junkie route and make absolutely sure this kind of drought doesn't happen. Ever ever ever.

The visitors (who we love, dearly) will be gone by Friday. I'll buy Katyana a new mouse today. Something for the weekend.


Brightestsmile said...

Great blog MomentEye - I’m enjoying it even though I don’t actually play WOW (is that even allowed?), and am still scared of `giving it a go’ as I can guess at my potential to lose it to WOW addiction *twitch*, *shudder*. After all, I have to work at keeping my Xbox360 usage in check...

I heard that Spider Man director, Sam Raimi, has been given the WOW movie to make. Should be coming to a screen near you sometime next year.

As Thrall is my witness!

Konstanze said...

Very well put and my husband and I have been there several times since we first became WoW junkies. We've said it all "It's not hurting anything," "We can quit whenever we want," and so on, but the truth is, we don't WANT to.

So now we're at the "functional junkie" level, just checking in real quick on the sly when visiting family, and are happy as clams. :)

Many friends and family still see it as "odd" or "unhealthy", but look at it this way: if your friends wouldn't interrupt bowling league, why should they interrupt raid night?

Enjoy the weekend!

MomentEye said...

@Brightstsmile - I did exactly the same thing: reading blogs, listening to podcasts, getting close without actually getting my feet wet.
Resistance is futile.

My 360 is sadly under used these days :/

@Konstanze - Good to hear that it can work out. How about the old "It's great that we spend so much time together" angle?
I like that one.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I can't believe your wife is playing WoW behind your back! The insatiable strumpet!


Obviously I play WoW pretty much exclusively with M'Pocket Tank which means that we only ever play it when we'd otherwise be doing something social together anyway. It's not like I'm playing Wow rather than going out with friends or something. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I suspect playing WoW will slide neatly into a couple-time slot, and you needn't worry to much about dangerous addiction :)

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