It begins... Or does it?

The scene was set.
My wife would be out until after midnight. I pawed feverishly through the manual as I hurried home.

While I choked back some supper and made the minimum of polite small talk to our house guest I managed to start the install process without revealing my plans.

I knew I shouldn't be doing this. I didn't need another hobby. I really couldn't afford the time and I hadn't even finished Oblivion. What possible need could I have to enter this strange, forbidden world?

A hungry world.
Chewing slowly on my evening. Devouring patch after patch as it installed. Each more tantalizingly close to that moment when I would finally start to play.
Until finally the great Granddaddy of them all—2.6Gb—too much.

I am defeated in battle.
I will slink off to bed.

Already World of Warcraft is wasting too much of my time.
It may or may not be everything I hoped for... but it is certainly more.


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