There Goes The Weekend

I'm loving it.

I can tell I am still a calf among Tauren, blinking and tottering on skittish noob0rn legs.

In particular I feel very awkward about all the etiquette and lore that I don't know. It is clear that the World part of WoW is big and rich and well developed. Everyone seems to know what is going on.

On the other hand the basic mechanics were simple enough and I was able to get stuck into some early quests with great satisfaction.

I killed some and, just when I thought it was all too easy, I got killed some.
For now I don't seem to be able to handle the attention of more than one attacker.

We cow people are pitted against a local tribe of pig people.
Oh the irony!
Can we not see that the meat races must band together against the carnivores?
We shouldn't be fighting... we should be expounding veganism.


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