The Tauren's capital city is Thunder Bluff.

This was, too me, one of the most authentic experiences of World of Warcraft that I have had so far. A truly immersive and reality blurring experience.

As far as the game is concerned I'm a kid from the sticks, right?
I've wandered around a bit. Grouped up with some people and immediately felt out of my depth but generally getting the hang of the basic mechanics.
I know there's a lot to learn and a lot to come by but I'm getting pretty comfortable in my own skin.

So I head off for Thunder Bluff, looking out for Flatland Prowlers on the way because I need to collect their claws and I kind of find it. But kind of not.
First thing I notice is that all my chat channel change. I'm suddenly online with the Regional Defense channel. Hope they don't need me because I don't know what good I'll be in an invasion.

Next thing that becomes clear is that this isn't just another collection of Wig-wams around a campfire. It seems to be a collection of mountains. I assume that Thunder Bluff is hidden amongst them and press on.

I travel all around the cliff face until a path heads upwards.
A structure! It must be the front gate.
But no; turns out to be a little platform. I check out the tent underneath but it's just scenery from what I can tell. I scratch my head and climb back up.
(disclaimer: If there is a 'scratching your head' gesture I do not yet know it.)

Then somebody else arrives. I wonder how uncool it will make me if I have to ask how to get in. Fuck it... I'd rather be uncool in the city than stand around here being hip all day.
But as I go to click on him an elevator drops down from above.
I hurry to get on board. And stand awkwardly next to this other more worldly Tauren.
I tried no to fidget as muzak played in my head.

And then BAM!

I'm in the Big Smoke. There are high level characters. I realized that I'd never even seen another player race before. People on mounts. People selling stuff. Lights, taxis, the works.

And I really felt it. Small town boy out of his depth in the big city. Delighted and excited but at the same time just overwhelmed enough to want to go about my business and head on back to the farm to re-group.



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