What's it all about, Gordo?

I decided to go back and get a picture of Gordo and it gave me an idea.Here he is in all his glory with a passing Warlock called Hozay for scale.

I've been kinda wondering what this blog was going to be all about. Particularly when time spent blogging is time not spent playing. The original impulse was a desire to document my own descent into the madness and to record what it's like for me now coming to the World of Warcraft for the first time.
I haven't found any other blogs that do this; most people decide to blog their WoW once they've gotten pretty high up and established.

And there are plenty of people making hints/tips/strategy guides and what-have-you. And bless 'em because they've saved me all manner of disasters already.

But I quite liked my screen-grab of Gordo and I thought I might have a crack at being a Warcraft photo-journalist.

So here's another... Gotta love Zeppelins!

Also I enjoyed this story about a long time player's emotional response to changing servers.


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