Long Distance Noobing

After my previous experiment in not going anywhere and locking out easy kills I thought I'd go looking for some new territory. I read somewhere that Ghostlands was level 10-20 and not favouring either of the factions.
So I took my troll hunter (Undabridge, geddit?) and flew off to the Undercity.
Then he and his trusty scorpion, Gerald, headed East to run through the Plaguelands.
Figured it would be fine as long as they stayed on the path.
This, to cut a long story short, turned out not to be true.

To expand upon a short story for the purposes of audience schadenfreude the following happened:

1.Quick low level quest knocked on the way out of Tirisfal making me feel hardcore and confident.
2.Emptying bags and repairing armour at the border post.
3.Getting killed by spider things.
4.Repeating step 3
5.Corpse running and gaining ground by resurrecting as far to the East as possible.
6.Deciding that Gerald was safer dead than alive.
7.Desperately trying to use hunter tracking to avoid beasts.
8.Getting killed by undead humanoids.
9.Changing tracking to humanoids
10.Getting killed by beasts
11.Finding a village that surely must have a flightmaster so I can get some notional value out of this ridiculous expedition.
12.Getting killed by more humanoids.
15.Repeating steps 3, 8, 10, 12, 13 and 14

I actually made it to almost the far side of the Eastern Plague Lands. There's a city thing there, it seems. It was in the process of being contested by players 30 levels above me. This also did not go well. I also figured out that I had been running, in a panic, to the wrong border.
It was around this point that my RL tenacity buff ran out and I decided to hearthstone out of there.
Guards had respawned behind me but I only died three times getting that done.

Total profit:
Some expanded map view.
1 good screenshot
An emotional scar so deep and wide that the Plaguelands will one day afford me the greatest revenge satisfaction the world has ever known.


Anonymous said...

Found your journal through CWS and have been enjoying it greatly, especially as I'm surrounded by people of the "endgame" mentality and I prefer to enjoy the wonder of the journey up.

You can easily get to the Ghostlands, by the way, by taking the Undercity teleporter to Silvermoon City and running down through blood elf starting zone. Only if you have the expansion, of course - the Ghostlands are the blood elf "secondary" starting zone.

MomentEye said...

I thought there might be something like that.

I haven't bought either of the expansions yet either. I wonder what would happen at the border if I rocked up without.

Anonymous said...

I've tried that before, back in the day. :) You would see this shimmering shiny "membrane" much like an instance portal in the gate, and if you tried to run in you would get a "You need the expansion to enter" message.

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