RP, My Princess

My recent adventures have drawn me into quite a meta kind of place. I got much more attached to my Druid now that he's in his 40s but I was still feeling like I was playing all 3 toons as one concerted campaign. My own little pseudo-guild against the World.

I've been passing materials back and forth, dabbling in the Auction House and getting really excited when I discovered that Grexel can disenchant the stuff that the others make. Engineering and leatherworking levels as usual but enchanting and cash to boot.


Also, I've reached the kind of levels where there are lots and lots of quests available all the time. This “Being a Princess isn't
all it's cracked up to be.”
—Diana Spencer
combined with my penchant for exploration has led me to an almost constant need for Quest Log management. I'll probably return to that subject in another post.
The point is that I was dealing with World of Warcraft in a very deliberate and pragmatic manner. This made me feel good because it felt a lot like the 'proper' theorycraft people who know their glyphs from their pots. (Apparently glyphs are the new pots. Your guess is as good as mine. Probably better)

Suspension of belief was at an all time low.

Then I found the Obelisk.
Rather than going to a village and kibbitzing the next quest line based on how many bag slots it would take up I stumbled upon an actual damsel in distress.
It's a story well told; I had already come across the stonehenge circles that need to be unlocked to release her. But it brought me back to the fantasy roleplaying side of it all.
How could I carry on gathering wool when there was an actual Princess trapped beneath the ground by malevolent giants?

I mean that would be heartless.

On the other hand my bags were really full and she'd clearly been down there for a long time already.

I headed back to Hammerfall to unload. Which included sending some stuff to Undabridge for engineering. And that reminded me that I was meaning to make a pair of Flying Tiger Goggles for Grexel. Except it turned out that I was short one light leather.

Hang in there, Princess. I'm coming as soon as I collect my mage training...

The punchline for all this was that Grexel couldn't even use the goggles without switching to engineering herself. Dammit.

Karmic debt. My way was clear.
I had to save the Princess.

After disenchanting the goggles, of course.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear.

I remember the first time I did this quest chain, and I do hope you'll give us an update afterward.

MomentEye said...

Well, I've released her but still not seen her.

It does seem like a possibility that the Giants might have locked her up for a reason.

But that's okay there's a lunatic in the Badlands who can help...

Sargeras said...

What is it with these princesses who always need saving??

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