Spouse Aggro

The Princess will just have to wait. Her authority has been superseded by a higher power. In fact I wasn't able to play any of my Toons this weekend and all because of my wife and her attitude to World of Warcraft.

Fortunately that attitude is, to paraphrase Dan Savage, “Good, Giving and Game On”.

Yep, I talked her into it. She would even have played on the public holiday we had last Thursday but we couldn't get the account started. We live in Hong Kong so a) Blizzard thinks we're gold farmers and b) Billing support is only available in the middle of the night.

Anyway, a whole new phase begins. And a whole new collection of Noobservations.
(You've got plenty of cash, hon; the silver ones are worth 100 of the potato-y ones)

My wife plays very impetuously.
She took one look at the Undead and decided to play Human. She took one look at Priests and decided to be a Mage. I picked a Paladin so I could Tank and Heal as necessary.

It was great fun and really quite mad. The spouse aggro I picked up was mostly swarm of wolves, bears and “another bloody murlap” (sic) that trailed her across the landscape. Her mage could run much faster than I could and she wasn't particularly interested in going around things.

I also think she was a bit over-familiar with some of the quest givers...

It was good for me because it got me plugged in to the Alliance storylines and she says she enjoyed herself. When 'just another half-hour' turns into a whole hour you know something's going right. The ten day trial will get us through next weekend and then we'll see if she's hooked good and proper.

Also, if I can get her to sign up I get a free Zhevra.


Sargeras said...

And does your wife know that you were out gallivanting around with some princess just a few days ago?? :-O

MomentEye said...

It was perfectly innocent.
I didn't go into Bear form with her.

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