Millionth Word

Following my strident defense of the word Noob earlier in the week I was excited to find that it is now locked in a battle royale to become the 1,000,000th word to officially join the English language.

“Who is more Noobish?
The Noob?
Or the Noob who follows him?”
—Noobi Wan Kenoobi
Apparently a word becomes official if it gets used 250,000 times in the public domain. So I can't tell you what the other words competing for the coveted spot are because it would help their chances of getting recognized sooner. What I can tell you is: noob, noob, nooby mcNoob noob.

Actually, right now we are 544 words away from the top slot so it's more or less a lottery. If this was any more nailbiting I would explode.

(No pic today, sorry. Left my thumb-drive at home: What a noob!)


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