Suffer The Little Children

Okay, I know: Children's week was last week. I've just been having some real life issues culminating in a 5 day internet outage. It's like being back in the stone age. Who knew?

Anyway I loved Children's Week. It's the first event holiday I've participated in. Noblegarden just seemed too much like grind. And let's be clear I really only dabbled in Children's Week. I didn't get all the sweets and I certainly didn't head off into the battlegrounds for all that stuff - Apparently far less noobish players than I were making the warzone unpleasant for the regulars. No need for my sorry arses tripping over their keybindings.

It was a full family affair.
All three of my Toons did the circuit to tourist spots and passed the same packet of icecream around between each other by mail. This lead me to two main observations:
1 Those little orc kids can really run. They could keep up even when chasing me in cheetah form.
2.Druids confuse non-players. I found out that because I keep changing forms when my wife looks in she thought I also had a spell that turned me into an undead mage or a troll hunter.
I explained the difference.
It felt like a baby step towards convincing her to play, which would be epic.

I also must confess that I took the Curmudgeon's Payoff every time.
It didn't feel especially curmudgeonly and I expect it's different for people who've been in the game longer. Right about now Five Whole Gold really makes a difference.


Dawn said...

Acccck! You need the pet to get the Veteren Nanny Achievement. (Noob! Hee!) It takes at least a year to get that achievement b/c you need to have more than one pet gifted to you by an orphan and you can only get one per year. And I think two (maybe three, but I think two)are needed. You missed out on an easy way to get a jump on that achievement.

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