Angels Without Pants

On Saturday I participated in my first official Guild event.
Was it a raid? It was not.

Instead the Angels of Darkness took to the streets of Orgrimmar to play naked hide and seek.

It was about as disorderly and disreputable as it looks. Here's Wesker sneaking up on a Boomkin.

Quite a few people attended although I don't know exactly how many. Ranging from those who could give and receive cryptic clues to their location with ease to people like me who learnt that if you type /roll that you get a dice roll.

The other thing I learnt was that if you roll the lowest number and have to be the first seeker then it's really, really hard. I mean partly because I suck, no denying that, but also because Orgrimmar's really big and has lots of places to hide.

Eventually I found Branthos first.
To tell the truth he took pity on me and added me to a group as I charged past oblivious. Then he was relatively easy to find.

Gratifyingly other people also found it difficult to be the seeker. Here's me hiding behind the cooking trainer's door...

Even in naked hide and seek I think it's okay to keep your hat on if the hat is a) new and b) rockin'.Anyway I had fun and I definitely have a greater awareness of my fellow guildies. Thanks guys, see you ingame.


Sargeras said...

You can't do a post with the headline "Angels Without Pants" and then not have naked blood elf chick pics. :-O

Well actually, you can. Anyway it looks like a fun event.

MomentEye said...

Well there's Lariaa up there in her saucy red knickers. Unfortunately she was very good at hiding.

I'll let you know when we do the Guild Swimsuit Calendar =)

Sargeras said...

You're right! I missed it!!

I take it all back. ;-)

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