Sushi Beasts

I suffer for my art; you have to.
I've been sticking my foolish Tauren nose-ring into all sorts of unsafe and unsavory places in order to collect the screen shots for this blog.
Today's piece is entitled Magic Seafood.

The suffering came because that was the last of 10 such clams I was supposed to be collecting and I got jumped by multiple nasty ocean-going things while I was taking the snap.

Now, when I'm taking a shot I turn off the interface and zoom in to first-person perspective. In this case I was also in underwater travel form so I was even more exposed than usual. (That's a photographic term meaning 'gankable')

I've learnt to be pretty quick getting all that back to normal in an emergency. And now that I'm leveling in the early 30s it seems as though I have a lot more scope for group combat. Basically early battles that didn't go well were over before I could do very much. Now I can fight and heal and even throw in a little crowd control if I'm not too panicky.

But there were three of them so they got me.

Then when I returned resurrected they attacked me again. This time I was ready but as the fight went on another different kind of crab thing came and ate the bloody clam.

So I made them very sorry.
Here they are in the contrite pose of the dead lobster.


Sargeras said...

I like the new template!

MomentEye said...

What this ole thang?

Please don't smite me.

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