An exhaustively researched analysis of character specifications and the new Ulduar content for the new or casual low level player.

If you're like me you will have been hearing a lot about the new expansion to the World of Warcraft. Everybody's very excited and you should be too.

Sure, you wont get to the same continent as the new content for tens of levels...

Sure, you probably haven't calculated the specifications of your character for a razors edge advantage that could buff or nerf in a moment...

Sure, you're still working on collecting the first tier of armour and weapons and don't expect to need tier 8 anytime during this month or the next...

But it's still a really big deal.

Okay it isn't.

But your talents will all get re-set so don't forget to re-apply them. I did and it didn't work out too well for a bit. Then I fixed it and I'm all better now.
That's my tip. Hope it helps.


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