Gears of Warcraft

I may have invented a new term. Or at least an new way to screw up.

Probably not: It seems like everything that can be done, especially noob errors, has been done countless times before.

Nonetheless ladies and gentlemen, I submit for your entertainment: OverTwinking!

Basically as my (now Lvl30) Druid has started to get green magic items pretty regularly he has been merrily posting anything that's cloth and mage friendly back to Grexel.
Big dumb ox that he is Paronymous wasn't too fussy about the level requirements so Grexel's now got her bag spaces filled up with tantalizing bits and pieces that she won't be able to use for another five levels or whatever.

She could have sold them, or disenchanted them for parts but they're all just so... so... nearly available.

I now realize that what She should have done is left them in the mailbox. I suppose she could post them out again in some sort of Gear Mail Tag effort but that seems just too annoying and fiddly to me.

She just needs to keep grinding forwards.
That is, after all, what makes the World go around.


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